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HDRi Lighting for Visual Effects Productions

With the Spherocam HDR wich has leading quality in HDRi Lighting for Visual FX Productions,

we can generate Lightmaps / Lightprobes for CGI and Visual Fx on the Set nearly in realtime

so you dont need to shoot a Chromeball, you can use the HDRi Data instantly in your 3D / Compositing
Software to Preview the Lighting of your 3D Scene.

The Spherocam HDR Captures a Spherical image
with 26 F-Stops so you won't miss any detail from the brightest Sunlight to the darkest Shadow.

The image Data has no visible color fringes / chromatic aberrations

We provide you with a full on site service across Europe from HDRi Location Capturing to Post Processing,
Tonemapping and Retouching if needed.


PHONE  :+49 15 77 16 79 156 (GERMANY)


Technical Details

Spherical Image: up to 50 megapixel (5.300 x 10.600 pixel)

Pixel Data: 96-bit technology: Radiance (.hdr) and OpenEXR (.exr)

Dynamic Range: up to 26 f-stops




Examples Spheron VR HDRi




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