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NEWS *** Dhoom 3 Visual Effects / CGI ***

Mitarbeit an CGI Spezialeffekten für Dhoom 3 - erfolgreichste
Bollywood Produktion aller Zeiten.

Unsere Aufgabe war die Erstellung von 3D-Belichtungdaten in dieser Megaproduktion.

Auf den Bildern sieht man den berühmten Staudamm von Valle Verzasca im schweizer Tessin, früher wurden hier die Intro-Szenen von James Bond Goldeneye gedreht.

Link zur Intro Szene von James Bond Goldeneye:

Wir waren hier für den Action-Film Dhoom 3 (teuerste und erfolgreichste Bollywood Produktion aller Zeiten) im bereich Visual Effects tätig die 3D Belichtungsdaten die wir hier am kompletten Set für die Stunts erstellt haben sorgen dafür das im Computer generierte 3D Objekte echt aussehen (z.B. im Computer erstellte Fahrzeuge oder Gesichter von Hauptdarstellern die später über die Gesichter der Stuntdoubles gelegt werden).

Zum Einsatz kam eine Spherocam HDR diese Ist führend im Bereich CGI und Visual Effects und gehört zur
Standardausrüstung in den großen Holywood Studios wie Industrial Light & Magic die zu Lucasfilm gehören.



Hier das komplette Video mit allen Dhoom 3 Visual Effects im Detail

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Director's Note

Dhoom is a journey that started in 2003. A light footed caper that became a runaway hit. It is
said that sequels are arguably the legitimate offspring of successful films.
However, we at Yash Raj Films always felt that the reason to make the film should be its
content and not just the tag of Dhoom. With this intent we brought Dhoom:2 to you in 2006.
This time, the cops and robbers set up hid a love story within its folds. It had a dream run at
the box office and it created a potential mine field of expectations for us. Inadvertently we had
become our own biggest competitors. So here we are ready with Dhoom:3. Saying that
expectations are sky high would seem like the understatement of the decade. So all we’d like
to say is that we want to share this film with you and in all humility, we hope that it is an
experience that pleases, surprises and awes its audience. In the cacophony of today’s world,
we’d like to transport you to a time when an audience discovered a film in the theatre. A time
to forget your world and get involved with the world of...

A man so driven that he exudes an energy that’s at once
alluring and dangerous, fiery, fierce and unforgiving.
Sahir The Clown Thief is a force that destroys whatever
opposes him.

The canny cop from Mumbai. Determined, analytical, persevering. Jai can go to any lengths
to get his adversary and sometimes you have to think like the enemy to trap the enemy.

The entertainer. The reluctant cop who’s at home anywhere - from Nagpada to Niagra Falls,
Ali is always at ease, ready to fall in love with anything that resembles the female form and
unswerving in his search to become a "familywala."

A fresh faced unassuming girl who transforms once she’s on stage. She is a fearless soul who
defies gravity in her act in the circus. She is equally fearless in matters of the heart.


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